The Only Three Global Warming Facts You Need to Know

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There’s a lot of information and misinformation out there about global warming. Let’s look at 3 FACTS we know for sure:



The earth’s temperature always fluctuates a little because of volcanic activity, sun cycles, orbit cycles, etc.



Greenhouse gases, like CO2 and methane, trap the sun’s energy and warm the earth.



The amount of greenhouse gases has increased dramatically in the past few decades. (Natural activity has not) The chart shows that average global temperature of the earth has also increased at a similar rate as the increase in greenhouse gases.



No one knows for sure how much human activity has contributed to the increased greenhouse gases. But that’s not really the point. We definitely contribute a lot. And no one wants to see what earth looks like in 50 years if we keep up this pace. Please vote for politicians who at least admit we should try to slow down our pollution and seek greener sources of energy. Anyone in politics who denies any human involvement in climate change is almost always supported by the oil and coal industry because those industries don’t want to stop polluting. This is a long term problem we can start fixing now.

Maybe you think it’s all part of some liberal agenda? Click here if you want to see theĀ 200 worldwide scientific organizations that hold the position that climate change has been caused by human action:

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